Jennie Loader Studio

I am an artist working with natural materials and textiles specialising in wet feltmaking and cyanotype botanical art prints.

As well as creating I also teach workshops and online courses.

Thank you for taking a look!

  Whether you are after an art print, feltmaking workshop, online course, kit, a commissioned print or felt design, or just want to take a look at what I create you are very welcome. 

I hope you leave feeling inspired.

My Feltmaking

Wool is a wonderful, creative resource and feltmaking offers a fabulous range of techniques to explore ranging from strong self supporting 3D forms to the lightest finest cobweb gauzes.  Other fibres can be used to add surface texture, design and interest.  Also, wool can be bonded to woven fabric to create a completely new textile, known as ‘Nuno’ felting.  Wool is available in a range of types – from British breeds that give good structure, interesting texture and beautiful natural colour tones, to high quality Merino imports suitable for fine work.  Wool also dyes well offering a huge colour palette.  Once created a piece of felt can be embroidered, wrapped around things, have surface embellishment added, be cut without fraying, be sewn up, and more….. it is a wonderful material! 

My Cyanotypes

Cyanotype printing is a photographic process.  It uses the sunlight to activate light sensitive chemicals which have been applied to a substrate; for this I love to use textiles but also use art papers depending on the results I want to achieve.  In my work I focus on using actual plants to create my images – these are placed onto the light sensitive base and act as a resist to the sunlight leaving their image behind.  There are a number of ways to manipulate cyanotype images from working ‘wet’, adding salt and soap bubbles, to tinting post development.